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Dignity Health Libraries: Evidence Based Tutorials

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Evidence Based Practice Information and Tutorials- EBM & EBP - Nursing

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM): a self-paced tutorial that emphasizes the elements of a well-built clinical question and the key issues that help determine the validity of evidence, developed by Medical Center Library at Duke University and the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Evidence-Based Medicine: this site from the University of Massachusetts Medical School includes a tutorial that takes you through the steps of defining a clinical question, translating the clinical question into a search question, defining what types of studies best answer the question, and performing a literature search.

Evidence-Based Medicine: Finding the Best Clinical Evidence: this guide was designed by the UIC Health Sciences Library at Peoria to help health care professionals and students learn the basics of EBM and how to efficiently search the medical literature.

Evidence Based Practice Nursing : University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing, Evidence-based nursing practice is a 5 step systematic process which leads the DNP to apply quality evidence from research to make effective decisions about clinical and other healthcare problems.  These five steps include: Asking the Clinical Question, Evidence Acquisition, Evidence Appraisal, Evidence Application, Outcome Evaluation

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing: "This online tutorial is one method that we will use at Penn State Hershey Medical Center to promote consistent use of evidence based practices in the delivery of nursing care. The tutorial will show the steps in conducting EBP."

Evidence-Based Practice in the Health Sciences: EBM/EBP tutorials for Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Applied Health from the Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Find it Fast! EBP Video Tutorials- Cushing/Whitney Medical Library: A series of video tutorials from Cushing/Whitney Medical Library on the various evidence-based practice (EBP) information resources. The series explains basic terminologies and theories used in this series of tutorials and is followed by demos of EBP resources will be demoed.

EBP Web-based Tutorials- Tutorials compiled by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association covering general EBP information, framing the clinical question, finding the evidence, assessing the evidence, and makingt the clinical decision.

Evidence-based Practice- Nursing- A list of resources by the University of Louisville Kornhauser Library covering systematic reviews and guidelines, critically appraised topics, clinical trials, calculators, EBN, EBM, tutorials, and glossaries.

Developed by Billie White, MLS, Clinical Librarian, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ