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Read by QxMD

Download Read by Qx MD to:

  • Access full text through institutional subscription or via open access publishers
  • Keep up with the latest new research that will impact your practice
  • Read your favorite journals or browse article collections.
  • Search millions of articles from PubMed and our database of outstanding topic reviews
  • Share articles with colleagues over email, Twitter and Facebook
  • Organize, review & publish your personal article collections
    • ​​

How to Download

Getting set up is quick and easy!

***OpenAthens account is required to read full text articles via institutional access

If you don't have an OpenAthens account yet, click Here to register. (DignityHealth email is required if not using a hospital computer)

After submitting a completed registration form, open your email provided to create a password.

Follow the steps below: 

  1. Download “Read by QxMD” on your phone.  App is available for iOS, Android & Web.

**A web version is also available at

  1. Add St. Joseph’s Medical Center Stockton, CA (Digntiy Health) to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access”.

** There are many institution names similar to ours. Select the right name.

  1. Select your Login Preference— click the circled dot icon for “Automatic login Using OpenAthens” which is already defaulted.
  2. Enter your account detail -- enter your OpenAthens (off-site) sign-in ID and PW
  • User ID can be your email address you registered with for OpenAthens (off-site access)