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Welcome to the SMMC Medical Staff Services Communication Site!     



For Medical Staff Governance Documents including: Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, contact the Medical Staff Services Department.

(562) 491-9012 


Physicians in the News

Dr. Joseph Naim and SMMC Bariatric Clinic (CBS) 

Surgical weight loss is a life-changing decision that is

often life-saving - with a direct impact on blood pressure,

blood sugar, and GI issues. SMMC's Bariatrics

department and a grateful patient are featured.


Welcome to the Medical Staff at St. Mary Medical Center!

March 2023

  • Sina Khaneki, MD Medicine, Internal Medicine
  • Mohammad Reza Malekzadegan, MDMedicine, Pulmonary Disease
  • Lauren Sall, DOPediatrics
  • Kunal Sinha, MDMedicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Larry Le, PA-C - Surgery
  • Melanie Brady, NP Medicine

February 2023

  • Matthew Alvin, MDRadiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Telemedicine
  • Gaurav Bhargava, MDEmergency Medicine
  • Connie Lee, MDSurgery, Surgical Oncologist
  • Robet Ara Petrossian, MDSurgery, Urology
  • Meghan Torres, PA-C Surgery
  • Priya Vishwanath, NPEmergency Medicine
  • Edna Yarashevich, NPInternal Medicine

January 2023

  • Saiyed Ali, MDMedicine, Nephrology
  • Jashdeep Dhoot, MDMedicine, Cardiacelectrophysiology
  • Ernest Han, MD OB/GYN, Gynocology Oncology
  • Michael Raya, MDMedicine, Internal Medicine
  • Mian Moshen Shah, MDSurgery, Neurosurgery
  • Zubin Udwadia, MD Medicine, Internal Medicine

Congratulations to our Retirees! Thank you for serving at St. Mary Medical Center!

Branko Radisavlievic, MD  - Psychiatry - 2/23/23 - Honorary Category - at St. Mary for 39 years

Robert Lugliani, MDPulmonary Disease - 1/9/23 - Honorary Categoryat St. Mary for over 39 years

Pearlman Hicks, MDPlastic Surgery - 1/1/23 Honorary Categoryat St. Mary for over 42 years

Serg Tobias, MD - Medicine - 11/30/22


In Memory of our Beloved Colleagues

Gilbert Melin, MDDiagnostic & Neuro Radiology - 12/5/22

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SMMC-LB Research Publications

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Clinician Well Being

Medical Staff Services Team

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Director, Medical Staff Services and Bellis Medical Library
Medical Staff Coordinator, Initials
  • Angela Shaw CPCS
Medical Staff Quality Analyst
Medical Staff Coordinator, Reappointments
Medical Staff Coordinator, Initials
Medical Staff Coordinator
 Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD  
 (562) 491- 9295 (ext. 3295) 
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