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Where to publish

Have you recently written a paper, but you're not sure to which journal you should submit it? 

Instructions to Authors

Open Access Publishing

To encourage the free dissemination of research which is often stifled by high journal subscription costs, the scientific and library communities often encourage researchers to publish in Open Access (OA) journals. OA resources are peer-reviewed scholarly resources that are free to access and are freely reproducible with proper acknowledge and citation. 

Publication in Open Access journals increases the visibility and research impact of published research, freely provides an access to published research for readers, increases the sharing of the research, and research impact tracking. However, there are disadvantages of publishing in OA journals, which are the varying degree of peer-review process causing low quality research publication, data sharing jeopardize the research of junior researchers, and publication fee.

OA Publication Process:

  • Write research article.
  • Conduct a search for a potential OA journal for publication using Directory of Open Access Journals and Open Access Scholarly Publisher Association.
  • Verify authority of the journal using Web of Science Journal Citation Report.
  • Determine if journals are indexed by academic databases.
  • Determine the self-archiving privileges, rights, and permissions.
  • Explore journal publication information (e.g., IF, JCR, SJR), editorial information, and publication fee.
  • Explore an information for authors that is required for submission in OA journal. 

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