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Mobile Apps

Lexicomp Mobile App

Lexicomp Authorization Code: VKDK5Z5T5R4S

Step 1 - Add Subscription to Your Account

  1. Create AccountEnter your registration information and click Create AccountYou must register with your Dignity Health e-mail address. You will need this email and password again during step 2 of these instructions to sign into your account on your phone.
  2. Click Log in now.
  3. Enter your Email Address and Password; click Log in.
  4. In the Subscriptions section, locate Add a Subscription by Code.
  5. If you do not see Add a Subscription by Code, click on "Have a product code? Add the subscription here"
  6. Enter the Authorization Code; click Add Subscription.
  7.  Once you receive a successful activation message, follow the steps below.
  8. If you receive a "The product code is not valid" message, please confirm the code was entered correctly and try again.

Step 2 - Mobile App Installation

  1. 1.Download an App for Lexicomp.
  2. Please read the license agreement and tap Accept.
  3. Enter your email and password and tap Sign In. If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password.
  4. If prompted, please select SD Card for database storage.
  5. You will receive an Account Synced message. Tap OK to this message.
  6. You must download the databases before you can begin accessing your subscription.
  7. Place check marks next to the databases you wish to install, or tap Select All and then tap Begin Update.
  8. If prompted, tap OK.
  9. After the update is complete, tap the Lexicomp icon in the upper left corner and tap Home.
  10. Select an icon to begin accessing your Lexicomp Mobile App subscription.