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St. Joseph's Medical Center: Off Site Access

Providing quality information and services to support patient care and clinical research

Off-Site Access with OpenAthens

Offsite Access    

The library uses the OpenAthens application to authenticate the identity of users who are authorized to access the library's licensed resources.

Did you already create your OpenAthens account? Then Sign into OpenAthens to access all the library resources remotely with just single sing-on.

Register for OpenAthens

Please follow the steps to create your OpenAthens account.

1.  Registration for OpenAthens is required first.

2: Open your email after submitting registration

3. Create a password by clicking the link provided in the email.

4. Once your password is created, Sign in to OpenAthens and bookmark it.

* The user Id can be either your email address associated with your registration or a user name assigned by OpenAthens.

Signing In to OpenAthens Authentication Screen

There are two options to sing in to OpenAthens for Off-site access.

1. Bookmark the link to OpenAthens authentication page and enter your OpenAthens username or your email address and password and click "sign in"

2. Google Medical Library, St. Joseph's Medical Center Dignity Health  and Click  Medical Library's Online Resources to sign into remote access.



Google "myathens" and enter your OpenAthens username or your email address and password. After opening Myathens, click the orange box "Click Here to access the Medical Library"